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2 Minute Games - 2 MinuteGames.com 2 Minute Games - 2 MinuteGames.com A great selection of quick original games.
Family friendly games that get you hooked.
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Our favorite games

Our favorite 2 minute games. Easy to play, hard to put down. No complex controls, just inventive simplicity in game form.

Tile Puzzles - Unscrambling games with hi-scores and progressive train puzzles

Click the colour - and not the word

Way to go - Walk, run, fly...

Game About Squares - Just push the squares onto the circles

Combination lock - Addictive "Crack the code" math game - progressive and multiplayer modes.

Bammi - Go for a chain reaction in this odd pie game!

You are in a forest - A classic. See what people are saying about YouAreInAForest.com

Tiny Diggers - Remember Lemmings?

Cursor 10 - Co-operate with yourself - fun!

Spot the difference - Photo spot-the-difference puzzles. The circuit board photo is tricky!

Color game - Simply match the colours

Drowning in Problems - All the trials of life, condensed into pointless button-clicking.

Find the Difference - Find the differences.... fun! Over 70 progressive levels - aka "Spot the difference"

Levers Game - We got to the big grey hairy head.... Clever physics!

Random Names game - A game to rank your own name the highest.... What rank is your name?

AreYou14.com - "Unorthodox sites for open minded people" it says here....(by us)

Get to Z - Click the links from A to Z. Simple to play - hard to master.

Warzone Tower Defense - Tower defense in a warzone...

My Mini City - Create a city.... Check ours.... Minute - !

MOTAS - Mystery Of Time And Space - Point and click game - love it!

Spank the Monkey - ->> Lots of high scores from 500 to 1000 mph! << (and one of 2779 mph!! by Ryan!!)


TOP 10
1. Rockbasher
2. Garbage cat
3. Bubble shooter
4. Jigsaw Puzzles
5. Sort the Court
6. Witch Egg
7. World of Solitaire
8. Swerve
9. Walk Left
10. Idiot Test

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